Bhubhu Pass Trek Overview

Bhubhu Pass Trek, in Manali, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most sought-after and renowned treks amongst the trekkers in India. The trek is moderately difficult and takes you through various challenging trails which are also pleasing with their enchanting scenic natural beauty. It’s full of various obstacles but as well as the beauty of Rhododendrons in the Kangra Valley and that of the thick Alpine forests with a lot of Oak trees.

The journey to an impressive altitude of 9,800 feet starts with your arrival at Manali, where the breathtaking valleys of Spiti and Kullu are located. The 28 km long trek would take you through the Dak Bungalow, Jinghban and Bhubhu pass would begin at the base camp of Dalighat. On this trek along with enjoying the beauty of thick forests and colourful meadows, trekkers would also garner a wholesome experience of himalayan culture during the trail through the himalayan villages like Dentibhial, Mulling, Barot.

The plan of the expedition is tailored such that trekkers don’t feel exhausted at any point of the journey and get a good time to spend in nature's laps around the different sites they pass by. During the trek while passing through its shaded trails, rough and steep terrains you’d get to explore the beautiful sunrise and sunset views at the majestic Deo Tibba Peaks and the pristine Kangra Valley. Each day of the expedition would take a minimum of 4 to 5 hours, you can utilise the leftover hours in exploring local markets and several sightseeing locations.

Quick Facts of Bhubhu Pass Trek

Bhubhu Pass Trek

Maximum altitude - 9,800 feet

Duration- 5 days and 4 nights

Trekking distance- 47 km

Trail type- Easy to Moderate

Rail head- Jogindernagar railway station

Airport- Bhuntar Airport, Kullu.

Snow Season- Winter, usually starting in December end and continuing till January

Service available (months)- throughout the year

Base camp - Old Manali

Best season- April to early June and September to mid-December

Region- The trek would begin at Dhalighat, where you’d reach by a car/taxi from Manali. The trek would take you up to the region of Kangra Valley and Jhingbhan via Bhubhu Pass.

Who can participate- The minimum age required to embark on the thrilling trek is 7 years.

Why to Go for Bhubhu Pass Trek ?

Bhubhu Pass trek is one of the most sought-after trek routes where the trekkers from across the nation arrive to escape the fast cities and gain a valuable soul stirring experience. As they climb up the camp in Manali covering an impressive 9,800 feet height, not only do the trekkers overcome obstacles of the journey but also enjoy the serene splendid beauty of the mighty mountains and calm valleys. The trek is considered amongst the most famous treks in India for being full of difficult trails and scenic beauty as well as due to the kind of adventure it offers. While following the trail one gets to enjoy the magnificent sights of sacred temples and villages of Kangra Valley, the highlights of the trek would also include cedars of Dak Bunglow, colourful Western Tragopans and terraced farmlands of Dentbhial.

Short Itinerary for Bhubhu Pass Trek

Day 1: Start your journey from your home place and arrive in Manali. Spend the day there for the purpose of acclimatisation and brace yourself up for trekking.

Day 2: Travel from Manali to Dhalighat via Kullu Valley. At Dhalighat the trek finally begins, you’d do a 3 hour trek to reach Dak Bungalow and stay there overnight.

Day 3: Begin your trekking journey to Bhubhu Pass, Lord Ganesha shrine and Kangra Valley. You would also get to adore other Himalayan peaks such as Indrasan and Deo Tibba peaks. And continuing the trekking you’d finally reach Jinghbhan where you’d stay overnight.

Day 4: It would be a long and mesmerising day, when you walk to the village of Dentibhal to view its terraced farmlands from Jinghbhan.

Day 5: Finally, the journey would be concluded after a 4 hour long trek to Mulling and Barot. Thereafter, you’d be driven to Dharamsala and on your way you would pass through Bir-Billing, a popular paragliding site.

Bhubhu Pass Trek Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Bhubhu Pass Trek

Start in Manali

  • You would arrive in the town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

  • The first day would be a leisure day when you’d get to spend some time in the scenic environment of the stunnings hill station and brace yourself up for further trek.

What to Pack For Your Trek?

Bhubhu Pass Trek
  • The preparations for an outing in the mountains have to start with finding a suitable pair of trekking shoes and a backpack with a capacity of 5-6 litres with good hip and shoulder support.

  • You must pack extra clothes, choose synthetic clothes over cotton shirts/tops and it's advisable to keep a pair of thermal inner clothes if you’re prone to cold. Choose a padded jacket as your outer layer, make sure it has a hood as well.

  • Keep one or two extra pairs of trekking pants for minimum, pants with zip-off thighs and quick drying would be ideal for treks.

  • The other must-have items are (especially if you're trekking during winter seasons)- sunglasses, suncap to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays during the day, Hand gloves while handling snow , a woollen cap to keep yourself warm, at least 3 to 4 pairs of socks for cushioning and warmth.

  • The daypack you carry must be stuffed with water bottles, rainwear and emergency medicines.

Additional Essentials

  • Keep a light toilet kit handy with you consisting of a toothbrush, a roll on deodorant, moisturiser for skin, lip balm, toilet roll and toothpaste. Make sure that you carry miniature size products and don’t overload on shampoos or soaps.

  • A personal medical kit is advisable to be carried by the trekkers, it should contain the most readily available medicines like Dolo 650 mg, Avomine, Combiflam, Digene, ORS, Knee brace. Take advice from your trek leader before taking any medicines.

  • Don’t forget to put essential documents- original photo identity card like aadhar, voter id, etc. At the camp all foreign nationals are required to share their passport and visa details during registration as well as upon arrival.

Know Before You go to Bhubhu Pass Trek

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bhubhu pass trek
  • It is advisable to the trekkers to not bring any non-biodegradable material along and contribute to sustainable tourism.

  • While following the difficult Bhubhu Pass trek, all the participants must follow the instructions of the trek leader and guide for their own safety.

  • Keep some buffer days in hand to acclimate yourself to the higher altitudinal weather conditions of the trek through Manali.

  • All the participants are required to carry enough money at hand because you won’t find ATMs during your trek through the remote villages at higher altitudes.

  • Tea is a warm beverage and is usually consumed in hilly areas, but it gets very expensive on moving upwards. Therefore, you are suggested to carry tea bags to use during the trek.

  • Pack an efficient daypack with all the essentials like warm clothes, sunglasses, trekking boots, gloves, socks, woollen caps, medicines, rainwear, water bottles and other essentials.

  • The weather conditions are the most unpredictable on the mountains, on a sunny day it can be very sweaty to follow trails and soon the clouds might get heavy to pour down. Therefore, embrace yourself for frequent weather changes and don clothes accordingly.

  • Take a note that sunburn at higher altitude might happen quicker, so keep your skin and eyes safe with moisturiser and sunglasses.

  • Keep extra batteries for torches and other electronics handy as the batteries in cold might die quicker than at home.

  • Don’t forget to carry water bottles along and keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek.

FAQs of Bhubhu Pass Trek