Camping in Dharamshala

Camping in Dharamshala

Experience the beauty of Dharamshala like never before with a camping trip
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About Camping in Dharamshala

Camping in Dharamshala is one of the most exciting opportunities for every adventure seeker. Located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is the most favourite destination for adventure-seekers as it promotes various activities along with camping such as trekking, river rafting, hot air ballooning and others. Browse through several reasonable Dharamshala camping packages to book the best camps in the destination of your choice. Dharamshala is surrounded by massive Dhauladhar Ranges from all sides, offering a panoramic view to travellers visiting here. The beauty of this place and the world-class facilities attracts tourists to go camping in Dharamshala. While some of the camps come with day time stay only, there are several options for night camping in Dharamshala.

You can also choose camping in Dharamshala to treat your eyes with the best views, lying under the starry sky and enjoying the bonfire! Some of the best camps in Dharamshala are Snow Monk Camp located at the top of Salli village and Camp Lungta that offers a perfect escape from the bustle of the city. The best time for camping in Dharamshala is from March to June, however, if you want to experience snowfall, December to February would be the most favourable months.

Best Places for Camping in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a famous idyllic hill station in Himachal Pradesh amidst majestic Himalayan ranges and green grasslands. The mesmerising landscape is captivating, making this place a prominent campsite. Some of the most famous camp stay in Dharamshala are Snow Monk Camp, Camp Lungta, Camp Chrysalid Dharamshala, Camp Indru Nag and others. These places are located at a higher altitude, making them picture-perfect destinations for all nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Here, you can also get a glimpse of Tibetan and Buddhist culture.

Other popular place choices when it comes to best camping in Dharamshala are Amidst Hills, Billing Valley, Mcleodganj, Namgyal Monastery, Kangra Fort, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsunag Waterfalls, Barot Valley, Kareri Lake and Triund Valley. Most of these sites are open for night camping in Dharamshala as well to make your experience even more memorable!

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Amidst Hills camping.jpg
Amidst Hills

Bagiarra in Dharamshala is known to be a paradise for all such adventure seekers who want to spend a long time amidst mountains in the lap of nature. It is one of the best camping in Dharamshala location situated in a mesmerising village Bagiarra Dharamshala which offers excellent scope for varied activities like paragliding / mountain biking. Set amidst mountain ranges, green valleys and star-lit nights, it promises to offer a spell-bounded experience to all tourists. Here tents are equipped with amenities such as a charging point, bed, etc. dive into this remarkable experience and indulge in great adventure and fun all at once!

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Billing Valley camping
Billing Valley

Favourite of many adventure-seekers, Billing Valley is one of the best camping in Dharamshala offering remarkable experiences for all mountain lovers. Here, you can dive into the majestic beauty of Bir Billing point and several other famous valleys, the sight of which will rejuvenate your soul! These camps come with the facilities of having housekeeping, private balcony, seating area, coffee / tea maker and more to enhance your experience. Most of the camps that are here are child as well as dog friendly providing unique camp experiences in Dharamshala.

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Mcleodganj camping

Covering the mesmerising scenery, camping in Mcleodganj is another famous camp stay in Dharamshala. Blessed with the spectacular beauty of emerald green grasslands, the renewing stir of the mountain air, cascading waters and flowing rivers, Mcleodganj camps are famous for its enticing beauty. The breathtaking landscapes and Himalayan realm will revive your senses. There are several campsites near Mcleodganj including Triund, Dharamkot and Naddi situated amidst deodar, pine and oak.

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Namgyal Monastery Camping
Namgyal Monastery

Regarded as India's largest Tibetan Monastery, Namgyal Monastery houses more than 200 monks who meditate and worship here. This is a popular camp stay in Dharamshala where you get a close insight into Tibetan culture and traditions. The mesmerising views of the surroundings and other adventurous activities act like a cherry on top! One can also visit several places nearby with your travel partners including Tsuglagkhang complex, Tibet Museum, Shanti Stupa of McLeod Ganj, Dal Lake and more.

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Kangra Fort camping.jpg
Kangra Fort

Belonging to the early 4th century, Kangra Fort is an iconic spot in Indian history as it is regarded as one of India's most ancient sites. Today, the ruins of the fort are present here, which offers a spectacular view to adventure-seekers setting up camps near the Kangra Fort. The fort is surrounded by high mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks, which makes it a perfect destination to explore during winter. Here, you can also hear intriguing stories about the fort and kings from a local guide.

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Bhagsunag Waterfalls camping
Bhagsunag Waterfalls

A famous camp stay in Dharamshala, Bhagsunag Waterfalls is a mesmerising spot where camps are set up close to the running water. The gushing milky white water falls from a height of 20 metres from the top, offering a panoramic view to all campers. When visiting here, you can take a dip in the ice-cold water, relax by the pond and indulge in a bonfire during the night.

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Barot Camping
Barot Valley

Barot Valley is one of the offbeat destinations for camping in Dharamshala that provides a peaceful riverside staying experience. The two day and one-night camping here is the perfect choice if you are looking for a short yet best camping experience. During the camp, you can indulge in recreational activities such as bonfires, inhouse music, cricket, river crossings and rappelling. Comes with spacious alpine and swiss tents along with sharing hygienic washrooms, this camping in Dharamshala promises a bag full of memories.

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Kareri Lake Trek
Kareri Lake

Another famous campsite located in Dharamshala is Kareri lake, which is perfect if you are in lookout for offbeat camping places. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Kareri Lake is established in a restricted area in Dharamshala. Since the place is nestled at an altitude of 2200 metres from sea level, it offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountain peaks. The campsite is surrounded by a glistering water lake making the atmosphere tranquil. The campsite offers basic facilities like electricity, caretakers, doctor on call and outdoor sports.

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Camping in Triund
Triund Valley

Located a few kilometres away from Mcleodganj, Triund valley is a popular valley located at an altitude of 9,350 feet from sea level. With mesmerising views of the Dhauladhar and Kangra Valley, camping here offers a lifetime experience to nature enthusiasts and nature admirers.

You can also enjoy a bonfire and overnight camping at Triund under the starry sky amid misty peaks in Himachal Pradesh which makes it one of the best camping in Dharamshala.

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Know Before You Go for Camping in Dharamshala

Best Time for Camping
Tips for Camping
How to Reach Dharamshala
Weather in Dharamshala

If you want to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities during your camping in Dharamshala, the best time to pay your visit is during summer months. In the months from March to June, the temperature in the mountains remains soothing and pleasant which is ideal for the camping. However, if you want to enjoy snowfall, you should plan your camping in Dharamshala during the winter months, between the months of December to March.

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Other Activities to Do in Dharamshala

Trekking in Dharamshala
Trekking in Dharamshala

Famously known as the land of snow-covered mountains and green grasslands, trekking in Dharamshala is the dream of every adventure seekers. Here, trek summits are located at a height from 5,000 to 20,000 feet, which offer a range of opportunities for people of different experience levels. Some of the most famous treks to go in Dharamshala are the Kareri Lake Trek, Triund trek, Snow Line Trek, Himani Chamunda Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek and Guna Mata Trek.

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Paragliding in Dharamshala
Paragliding in Dharamshala

Another popular activity among adventure-seekers who are heading out to Dharamshala is paragliding as there are several mesmerising spots to indulge in this activity including Bir Billing and Indrunag. The thrill of admiring nature's beauty from the city top is truly a spectacular experience. During your excursion, you will be able to see the famous Shivalik Mountain ranges and tea gardens under the clear blue skies.

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rafting in Dharamshala
River Rafting in Dharamshala

Another thrilling adventurous activity which gives a major adrenaline rush is river rafting in Dharamshala as the place is home to India's most mesmerising rivers located in the lap of nature. The best part is there are different grades or levels of river rafting, which you can choose based on your expertise level or fitness. Chamba River and Beas River are the two most enthralling spots to enjoy river rafting.

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Hot air balloon in Dharamshala
Hot Air Balloon Ride

Having a 360d degree view of the city from a height of 200-500 feet from the ground level is truly an enthralling experience that you will cherish for life. Several Dharamshala camping packages have the inclusion of activities such as Hot Air Balloon Ride. It takes you through several mountain peaks, cascading falls, rivers, valleys and lush green gardens, which amuse you at every glance.

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Cycling in Dharamshala
Cycle Tour

Get ready for a journey which gives a chance to cross unpredictable terrains and forests on a bicycle. Admire the beauty of deep valleys, lush green gardens, vibrant flowers, mall roads and snow-capped mountains while exploring the town on a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle for 7-8 hours for an unforgettable ride in the mountains. Explore the city's hilltop on a cycle and travel to famous local destinations on your cycling tour to Dharamshala.

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FAQs About Camping in Dharamshala

Is camping allowed in Dharamshala?

Yes, camping in Dharamshala is one of the popular activities among tourists and adventurer seekers. Dharamshala is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh where you can go for a solo campaign or with friends.

Is permission required for camping in Dharamshala?

Yes, if you're planning to camp in Dharamshala, it is recommended to take prior permission to avoid any last-minute cancellations. Make sure you explore various Dharamshala camping packages online before planning your trip and learn about other requirements that might be needed.

Is camping safe in Dharamshala?

Yes, Dharamshala is believed to be one of the safest places to go camping. Setting up tents 50 away from forests and rivers is suggested to minimise any unforeseen circumstances.

Which are the best places to go on a camping in Dharamshala?

Some of the most famous places to go camping in Dharamshala are amidst Hills, Billing Valley, Mcleodganj, Namgyal Monastery, Kangra Fort, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsunag Waterfalls, Barot Valley, Kareri Lake and Triund Valley.

What are the dos and don'ts of camping in Dharamshala?

1. Do’s

  • Carry all essentials like warm clothes, emergency kit, medicines, toiletries, sunblock and other important things.
  • Carrying items like touch and trekking poles would be a smart choice.
  • Make sure you follow all safety precautions closely.

2. Don't

  • If you’re planning night camping in Dharamshala, do not go out alone at night.
  • Avoid wearing 100% cotton clothes
  • Don't leave wrappers or litter on the ground.
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended