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Chandratal Lake Trek

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About Chandratal Lake Trek

Chandratal Trek takes you to witness the beauty of the lovely Chandratal lake that reflects the mightiest mountains and the blue skies. This trek is a popular beginner-friendly trek that lets you travel through the green mountains and reaches the source of the Chandra River and Chenab River. Staying true to its name, Chandratal translates to ‘Moon Lake’ as it is an eye-catching secluded lake amidst the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Starting from Manali, you will trek to an altitude of 4551 meters to discover this enchanting lake, which lies on the path once considered a highway for traders from Tibet and Ladakh. This serene river is accessible by three trekking locations- Spiti Valley, Hampta Pass, and Rohtang Pass. You will trek to Chandratal through Hampta Pass, the prettiest valley of flowers on the greenest fields. As you reach the lake and its blissful atmosphere, you will notice its blue color change multiple times a day. The lake portrays a mirror image of the Chandra Bagga Mountain range and its lush greenery. Trekkers place their tents adjacent to this 2.5-kilometer-long crescent lake encircled by green grasslands. You will witness the large meadows near the lake get decorated with hundreds of wildflowers, showcasing the floral beauty of the entire lake.

Highlights of Chandrabal Lake Trek

`chandratal lake trek

Maximum altitude- 14,100ft

Grade- Moderate

Duration- 5 days

Trekking distance- 35km

Rail head- Jogindernagar railway station

Airport- Kullu-Manali Airport in Bhuntar

Snow Season- Winters

Best season- Summer

Region- Himachal Pradesh

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Chandratal Lake Trek Itinerary

Itinerary at a glance

  • Day 1 of your trek starts as you transfer from Manali to Jobra base camp and trek to reach Chika at an altitude of 10,400 ft.

  • On the Day 2 of the trek, you ascend to Balu ka Ghera at 11,900 ft after trekking for 5 hours.

  • Day 3 marks your arrival at Hampta Pass at 14,100 ft and witness its lush greenery.

  • After halting at the Hampta village for some time, you descend to base camp Siagoru at 12,900 ft.

  • On day 4, you will descend to Chatru and transfer to the enchanting Chandratal alpine lake.

  • You can either choose to stay in chandratal lake camps or nearby accommodation.

  • The final day of the trek takes you to Manali via Rohtang pass.

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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Manali – Jobra (Drive) and Trek from Jobra to Chika (10,100ft)

  • Have a scrumptious breakfast in Manali and transfer to Jobra- the base camp, the origin of Chandratal lake.

  • Receive guidelines and instructions from your trek leader at Jobra, and trek the easy 2-kilometer trail to reach Chika at an altitude of 10,400 ft.

  • Ascend through forests of green maple, pines, and birch trees.

  • Halt Chika campsite near the banks of the Rani Nallah.

  • Witness River Rani reflecting the big rocky hills of Himachal.

  • Stay overnight at the campsite in the tents to freshen up.

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What to Pack for The Trek

chandratal lake trek
  • Carry 35 to 40 liters of backpack
  • Water bottles
  • Eatables- biscuits, protein bars, glucose-based chocolates, cup noodles, dry fruits, and quick energy bites are some examples of foods.
  • Shirts and pants for hiking
  • Shoes for hiking that can be worn on any surface
  • Flashflight and additional batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletry-toothpaste, tissues, soaps, cold coral, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and anti-fungal cream.
  • First aid kit
  • Warm coat or sweater
  • Lots of socks and gloves
  • Raincoat—for rains
  • Camera
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Know Before You Go

Tips For Chandratal Lake trek
Trekking Routes
How to Reach
Best time To Go

  • Before the trek, see a doctor to determine your level of fitness and to get any other necessary checkups.

  • Trekking should be avoided during the monsoon season because it can be uncomfortable.

  • You must bring documents, such as identity proof and a fitness medical certificate from a licensed physician, in order to sign up for the Chandratal trek package.

  • Since there are no ATMs or UPI machines outside of Manali, keep cash on hand.

  • There wouldn't be a mobile phone network after Manali. You should therefore let your family and close friends know in advance.

  • The state's regulations must be followed.

  • Pay close attention to the trek guide's instructions.

  • Don't go on a nighttime hike.

  • Practice ventilation methods because the atmospheric pressure drops at such high altitudes, reducing the amount of oxygen that is inhaled.

  • Avoid using earphones because you need to be alert all the time about your surroundings while trekking.

  • Headaches, hypoxic conditions, vomiting, and a number of other medical conditions can all be brought on by a sudden drop in oxygen levels.

  • Take the necessary precautions and carry your medications to prevent these.

  • To save money, bring dry snacks and food from home.

  • As cold waves hit your head and face and cause your body temperature to drop, cover your head.

  • Rapid ascent will wear you out and increase your chance of being injured.

  • On the days of your trek, get 7-9 hours of sleep to avoid moving around restlessly, which will slow you down and make you uncomfortable.

  • Take a 50–60 liter backpack with you to carry everything you need.

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Facts About Chandratal Lake Trek

chandratal lake trek
  • In ancient times, the trail of Chandratal was used as a trading route for traders of Ladakh and Tibet, to visit Spiti and Kullu Valley.

  • Chandratal lake is considered sacred by Hindus as the legend says the lake is located at the place where the eldest of all the Pandavas, Yudhishthira, picked up Lord Indra’s chariot.

  • Hampta Pass has often been considered the Valley of Flowers in Himachal Pradesh during monsoons as meadows become lush with greenery and hundreds of wildflowers bloom.

  • Hampta Pass and Pin Bhaba Pass are often considered the same instead they are crossover treks with entirely different trails.

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Where is Chandratal located in India?

Chandratal is located in Himachal Pradesh, and the famous Chandratal trek starts from base camp Jobra, located at a distance of 82 kilometers from Manali. The actual distance between Manali and Chandratal lake camps is 111 kilometers.

How much distance will I have to cover in the Chandratal trek?

You will be covering 35 kilometers in 5 days. It is approximately 7 kilometers per day to ascend and descend to cover the Chandratal trek.

Is trekking to chandratal lake safe?

Yes, trekking to chandratal lake is safe as the trail is a moderate level path which passes through lush green grasslands, meadows, valleys, and barren cold deserts. There are a few steep climbs but they can easily be crossed.

Will I find snow during my trek?

There are high chances of you finding snow during the summer season in June near Hampta Pass and Lahaul. As the Monsoon approaches in July and August, snow starts to melt, limiting its presence in most places. During the month of September, the snow vanishes, and meadows shine in lush greenery.

Will I be allowed to camp near chandratal lake?

Yes, you can camp near the lake during pleasant weather. However, you can stay in a nearby accommodation for more comfort and ease.

Will I experience altitude sickness at such altitudes? If so, how do I protect myself?

Drinking water regularly can help the body stay balanced as you must not gain more than 1000 ft per day. The best way to eliminate any kind of altitude sickness is to get enough sleep. Pre-training builds a strong foundation of effective acclimatization and control of altitude-related problems.

What level of physical fitness should participants have before beginning the Chandratal lake Trek?

You must be in good physical condition to walk 35 kilometers with an average of 7 kilometers per day. You can attempt to walk for 8 to 10 kilometers per day while carrying 15 kg.

Is there a mobile network on the Chandratal trek?

Beyond Manali, there are no mobile networks, and the ones that do exist are catchable in Jobra only. Before commencing on the trek from Manali, you should notify your family and loved ones.

Can I Offload during the Trek?

You can offload, but it will cost you more. Since it will take more work, it is advised that you carry backpacks by yourself. This is due to the fact that challenge and adventure are at the heart of a true trekking experience.