Karol Tibba Trek

Karol Tibba Trek

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Karol Tibba Trek Overview

Karol Tibba trek is a short and easy 11 kilometers trek to Karol Tibba, which is the highest peak in Solan, that aims to satisfy the soul of every adventure enthusiast. This trek is a heavenly feeling for people who are seeking an escapade from the bustling and blaring sounds of the city. The most fascinating feature of this trek is the Karol Tibba blankets, enchanting cave, and deep and dense forests. The surreal backdrop of the spectacular mountain peak offers some of the best opportunities for photographs. Therefore, the trek to Karol Tibba is a wonderful chance for thrill seekers to enjoy the high-altitude location and gorgeous landscapes from the peak.

The trek to Karol Tibba commences from Chambaghat to the Karol Temple sitting on the peak of the mountain. On your way, you will catch hold of some of the perfect combinations of terrains that will leave you awestruck with their beauty. You will also cross the beautiful grasslands, the longest Pandava Cave, and the beautiful panoramic views of Shimla city, Solan city, and Churdhar peak. This way, the trekkers can enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature and refresh and rejuvenate themselves closer to mother nature.

Karol Tibba Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2

Shimla to Karol Tibba via Chambaghat

  • The Karol Tibba trek will start upon your arrival in Shimla, from where you will take a drive to Chambaghat.

  • Once you reach Chambaghat, you will start hiking toward Karol Tibba.

  • After reaching Karol Tibba, the trekkers can visit the Karol Temple and adore the beautiful sight of the highest peak of the Solan district.

  • Enjoy your dinner and an overnight sleep in Karol Tibba.

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What to Pack for Your Karol Tibba Trek

Karol Tibba Trek


  • 1 fleece jacket

  • 1 full-sleeved T-shirt

  • 2 half-sleeved T-shirts

  • 1 pair of light trekking pants

  • 1 pair of socks

  • 1 pair of undergarments

Backpack essentials:

  • Cap

  • Clothes

  • Cooking stove

  • First aid kit

  • Mat

  • Ration

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sunglasses

  • Tent

  • Toilet kit

  • Torch

  • Utensil for cooking

  • Water bottle

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Know Before You Go to Karol Tibba Trek

How to Reach
Important Tips for Trekkers

By Air- Jubbarhatti airport is the nearest airport to the Karol Tibba trek. On the contrary, you can opt to travel to Chandigarh or Dehradun airport as there are limited flights to Shimla.

By Rail- The closest railway station to the Karol Tibba trek is Solan railway station. After reaching the railway station, you can take an auto to Chambaghat.

By Road- If you are traveling by bus, you are required to alight at Chambaghat at Solan, which is located near Chandigarh, Rajgarh, and Shimla.

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Are there horses available for offloading at Karol Tibba trek?

No, horses are not available for offloading at Karol Tibba trek as it can be damaging to the ecosystem. However, if you need offloading services or have any medical condition, you can consult the tour operator well in advance so that arrangements can be made before the actual date of the trek.

Where is Karol Tibba located?

Karol Tibba is situated on Mall Road in the Kasauli region at an elevation of 2240 meters above sea level within the Shivalik or lower range Himalayas. Starting from Chambaghat to the sacred Karol temple, it is the highest peak in Solan town.

How difficult is the Karol Tibba trek?

The Karol Tibba trek from Shimla is an easy trek with a steep ascend that allows everyone to have a trekking experience. It is suitable for people above 8 years of age and who are physically fit. If you are a group of friends, you should include this activity in your travel itinerary. Couples and families can also indulge in this 11 kilometers long trek.

What is the best time to do Karol Tibba trek?

The best time to do the Karol Tibba trek is between March and July, i.e., during the summer season. It is the time just before the onset of the monsoon, which makes the weather pleasant and wonderful to enjoy the trek and the surrounding views. During this time, the sky remains clear, which allows you to witness the gorgeous views of Shimla city, along with Churdhar peaks and other ranges, on your trek.

What is the highest altitude of the Karol Tibba trek?

The highest altitude of the Karol Tibba trek is about 2240 meters above sea level within the Shivalik or lower range Himalayas. This trek is the highest in Solan town, starting from Chambaghat and reaching the religious Karol temple.