Mayali Pass Trek

Mayali Pass Trek

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Mayali Pass Trek Overview

Mayali Pass Trek is a hidden Himalayan gem waiting to be explored by the adventurous adrenaline junkie in you. Located in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Mayali Pass Trek is renowned in trekking circles as the toughest trek in the Garhwal Himalayas. With the highest altitude of the trek reaching 5,300 metres, the journey offers bewitching views of lush forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, and so much more.

The trek base camp at Ghuttu village is easily accessible from Rishikesh and is the starting point of an epic ten-day itinerary that spans a length of approximately 98 kilometres. Witness the stunning locations of Reehi, Gangi, Kharsoli, and Chowki as you cover the relatively easier trail from Ghuttu to Kharsoli. The journey from Kharsoli to Gaurikund takes you through difficult paths and high altitudes and offers calming experiences at iconic locations like Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, Mayali Glacier, and the revered Kedarnath Temple.

With its reputation as a difficult trek, Mayali Pass Trek is not suited for beginners and those under 18 years and is also not recommended for trekkers with health issues and injuries. The unforgettable Himalayan adventure was once an adventurous pilgrimage trail to Gangotri and Kedarnath, and today is one of the best trekking trails in the Himalayan state.

Mayali Pass Trek Itinerary

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From Rishikesh to Ghuttu

The first day on the Mayali Pass Trek itinerary is dedicated to travelling from Rishikesh to the trek base camp at Ghuttu village in Tehri Garhwal. The distance from Rishikesh to Ghuttu is approximately 138 kilometres, and it takes trekkers around 8 to 9 hours to complete the journey by bus. Once you arrive at ghuttu, you will check-in your hotel and doze off for the night.

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What To Pack For Mayali Pass Trek

Mayali Pass Trek

Mandatory documents: You would need to carry the original and photocopies of your identity proof as well as other documents mentioned in your trek package.

Quick edibles: It is helpful to carry energy bars, biscuits, chocolates, toffees, nuts, and hydration packs (ORS) so you can munch on them for a quick boost of energy.

Medical kit: Remember to bring along medicines like paracetamol, vomistop, combiflam, Digene, band-aid, cotton, antiseptic cream, pain relief spray, crepe bandage, and your regular medication, if any, for the Mayali Pass Trek.

Personal kit: While you can customise your personal kit as per your needs, toiletry items like toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitiser, sunscreen, cold cream, lip balm, and tissues are essential to carry for your Mayali Pass Trek.

Essentials: Remember to carry a 50-60 litre backpack with rain cover, a water bottle, trekking shoes, rainwear, a torch, and warm clothing like thermal inners, woollen caps, socks, and gloves.

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Know Before You go to Mayali Pass Trek

How to Reach
Trekking Routes
Important Tips For Trekkers

The base camp for the Mayali Pass Trek itinerary is Ghuttu village in Tehri Garhwal, which can be reached by bus from the nearest city, Rishikesh. To reach Rishikesh, one can opt for air or train travel.

By Air: The nearest airport from Rishikesh is Jolly Grant Airport, which offers flight services to many major Indian cities. Drive down to Rishikesh from the airport and take a bus to Ghuttu.

By Train: The nearest railway station from Rishikesh is Haridwar, which is well-connected to many Indian cities. Take a bus from Haridwar to reach Rishikesh, and then hop on another bus to Ghuttu.

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Are there horses available for offloading at Mayali Pass Trek?

Yes, horses are available for offloading at Mayali Pass Trek and you can avail their services at extra costs per day. The participants will not be expected to carry heavy loads during the trek apart from the small daypack along with the camera.

Where is the Mayali Pass Trek located?

Mayali Pass Trek is one of the renowned treks of the Garhwal Himalayas and is located in the Bhilangana Valley of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. It starts from Ghuttu and takes trekkers through Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, Kedarnath, and Gaurikund.

How difficult is the Mayali Pass Trek?

The Mayali Pass Trek is a difficult trek, so much so that it is ranked as the toughest trek one can embark on in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. While trekkers can witness the pristine scenery of the Himalayas at Mayali Pass, few take up the challenging trek.

What is the best time to do Mayali Pass Trek?

The best time to do the Mayali Pass Trek is during the summer months of May to June. The weather during these months is pleasant, and the scenic landscape offers picturesque views of the Himalayan peaks. You can also visit during the post-monsoon months of September to mid-October.

What is the highest altitude of the Mayali Pass Trek?

The highest altitude of the Mayali Pass Trek is 5,300 metres above sea level. From where you can witness the scenic landscapes and high mountain ranges.