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Pindari Glacier Trek

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About Pindari Glacier Trek

Nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas, the breathtaking Pindari Glacier Trek draws both beginners and experts for being a moderately difficult trail and full of incredible natural splendour and amazing experiences. The trek travels through the wilderness of the southern section of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary and provides breathtaking views of several Himalayan peaks, such as Maiktoli and Panwali Dwar. The trek is one of Uttaranchal most easily accessible and is appropriate for hikers of all ages, including kids older than ten. The Pindari Glacier Trek route is a feast for hikers, passing through Rhododendron trees, lush meadows, green valleys, cascades, and crystal-clear rivers. It ends at the zero point of the Pindari Glacier, leaving everyone speechless with its picturesque panorama.

The Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek begins in the village of Loharkhet, about 210 km from Kathgodam, and takes you to the glacier's zero point at a height of 12,370 feet. Your trek starts with a 11 km trek from Loharkhet to Dhakuri, the gateway to Pindari. Then you will trek for 8 km from Dhakuri to Khati, the mythological village. You will then travel to Dwali to catch a glimpse of the Kafni Valley before hiking to Phurkia and witnessing the frozen river and stunning waterfall. Finally, you will reach the pinnacle of the trek at 12300 ft. After spending some time at the glacier, you will descend back to Dwali, then to Dhakuri to Loharkhet, and drive back to Kathgodam.

Highlights About the Chadar Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek

Maximum Altitude: 12,370 feet

Grade: Moderate

Duration: 8 nights 9 days

Trekking Distance: 82 Km

Trail Type: Adventurous Trail

Rail Head: Kathgodam Railway Station that connects the city to other parts of the country

Airport: Pantnagar Airport located at a distance of 32km and accessible by taxis

Snow Season: Between October and March

Service From: Kathgodam

Base Camp: Dhakuri

Best Season: April, May, June, mid-August to November

Region: Uttaranchal

Who Can Participate: Anyone who loves adventure and nature and is above 10 years old

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Pindari Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9

Transfer from Kathgodam to Loharkhet (210 km / 6 Hours drive)

  • At the start of your Pindari Glacier Trek, our representative will meet you at Kathgodam Airport or Railway Station and transfer you to your hotel in Loharkhet in a comfortable vehicle.
  • After six hours of winding through scenic routes and narrow passes, you reach the village and settle in.
  • Check into your room, take a short nap, and then enjoy the rest of the day as you please.
  • Discover the beauty and the charm of this peaceful hamlet.
  • Have your dinner and retire to your cosy room for the night.
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What to Pack for your Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek
  • Trekking Footwear: To give good ankle support and grip at long and incline stretches
  • Backpack (40–60 litres): A sturdy backpack with a rain cover, strong straps, and a sturdy frame
  • Daypack (20 litres): To offload your backpack
  • Trekking Pants: Three trek pants (including one pair of tights to wear under trek pants in case of chilly weather)
  • T-shirts: Three lightweight, long-sleeved collared t-shirts to shield your arms and neck from the sun. You can wear 2 t-shirts if it's cold.
  • Thermals and Warm clothes: Thermals as it gets chilly at the summit at night as the temperature drops and two sweaters and a padded jacket to keep yourself warm during trekking.
  • Sun Hat and Sunglasses: To protect yourself from the harsh UV sun rays
  • Balaclavas/Woollen Scarves: To ward against the nighttime chill
  • Socks: Two pairs of trekking socks and a pair of woollen socks for the evening
  • Synthetic Hand Gloves: Avoid woollen gloves as they may get wet, carry fleece gloves to wear as the inner layer below the synthetic gloves
  • Headlamp/LED torch: Mandatory for the trek
  • Trekking pole: To navigate the steep sections
  • Toiletries: Sunscreen, moisturiser, lip balm, light towel, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitiser
  • Ziplocks: To take back trash and soiled sanitary napkins with you and discard them properly.
  • Cutlery: A spoon, coffee mug, and a lunch box.
  • Water bottles: Two 1 litre each
  • Plastic covers: To compartmentalise items and store wet clothes

Mandatory Personal Medical Kit

  • 1-inch medical tape
  • 6 packs ORS
  • Analgesic spray (Moov)
  • Antiseptic Liquid
  • Antiseptic powder
  • Band-aids
  • Cotton roll & Bandage
  • Crepe Bandage
  • Knee Cap
  • Micropore tape
  • Scissor
  • Tablets for motion sickness (Avomine), acidity (Omez/Rantadine, Digene), mild pain relief (Combiflam), fever (Crocin), AMS (Diamox), allergies (Avil 25mg), diarrhoea (Norflox TZ & Lomofen), – 4 tablets (allergies)

Mandatory Documents

  • Original and photocopy of government photo identity card (Aadhar, Voter ID, etc.)
  • Medical Certificate and Disclaimer (filled by the trekker)
  • Medical certificate (filled by the doctor)
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Know Before You Go

Tips for Pindari Glacier Trek
How to Reach
Trekking Route

Even though the Pindari Glacier Trek is a moderate hiking route and can be completed by beginners, hikers must be in good physical condition to complete the trek. They must follow certain safety precautions and guidelines to have the most enjoyable Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek, including:

  • You will hike up to an altitude of 12370 feet on this trek, so work on your leg and cardiovascular strength beforehand.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek.
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes as there are some sections that need extra ankle support and grip.
  • When the snow melts or it rains, the trail becomes slick; use extra caution during these times.
  • Bring extra plastic bags with you so you can take the trash back and dispose of it properly.
  • Carry a warm jacket and extra layers to stay prepared for the trek's variable weather.
  • Use caution even as you are going down because when descending, a person's entire weight moves forward, increasing the risk of tripping or falling.
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What is the best time to do Pindari Glacier Trek?

The months of April through June and September through November are ideal for taking the Pindari Glacier Trek due to the most favourable weather conditions. The post-monsoon months of September to November, just before the arrival of winter, offer the best opportunities to experience the lush beauty.

What is the highest altitude of the Pindari glacier Trek?

The Pindari Glacier's breathtakingly beautiful Zero Point is located at a height of 12370 feet above sea level. The Zero point is surrounded by massive, snow-covered Himalayan ranges and is the location from where the Snout of the Pindari Glacier is visible.

How difficult is Pindari Glacier Trek?

The Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek is medium-gradient and challenging but not difficult. Children over the age of ten can complete the trek and it is appropriate for even beginners. The trail is clearly marked, but there are a few sections that call for some physical and cardiovascular stamina.

Is it possible to trek Pindari Glacier solo?

The Pindari Glacier trek is a simple hike that can be completed by anyone with a reasonable level of physical fitness. It's not advisable to do this 82 km trek alone because you will be trekking for around 7 days and need camping and other facilities. You must book a Pindari Glacier Trek package with a dependable tour operator and join them on the expedition.

Where is Pindari Glacier located?

The Pindari Glacier is located in Uttarakhand's Bageshwar district and is only accessible by trekking. It is the source of the Pindari River, which merges with the Alakananda River at Karnaprayag.

Can I do the Pindari Glacier Trek in May?

Yes, you can do the Pindari Glacier Trek in May because the weather will be nice, the sky will be clear, and the environment will be pleasant, making the trek comfortable and memorable. The temperature at night ranges between 7°C and 2°C and varies between 15°C and 20°C during the day.