Tholung Trek

Tholung Trek

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Tholung Trek Overview

The 8000 ft high, 10-day Tholung Trek is regarded as one of the most stunning trekking destinations in the world and is a must-see for all travelers. The area is endowed with an abundance of flora, wildlife, and natural beauty, sure to charm your senses and give you a taste of heaven. You will also be able to observe a fantastic vista of the mountainous background throughout the hiking session and take some incredible shots here. Don't forget to stop by the well-liked tourist attractions, such as the Tholung Monastery and the Tolung River. You will travel through a scenic region with lovely valleys, tea farms, mountain peaks, and more on this 10-day trek. During your Tholung monastery trek, you will stop at Gangtok, Tholung Gompa, Lingza, Changey, Upper Tholung, and Singhik. You can enjoy the sights of monasteries, hillocks, mountain summits, tropical woods, rustic hamlets, rivers, and lakes. The trek is relatively easy for beginners as it is not very steep. These routes are ideal for individuals who are serious about hiking in the northeast. The Tholung monastery trek includes travel-related expenses, like food, lodging, and transportation.

Tholung Trek Itinerary

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Reach Gangtok

  • You'll be driven to Gangtok, Sikkim's capital, after arriving at Bagdogra Airport.

  • On your route, you may see beautiful tea plantations, tropical woods, quaint hamlets, seductive rivers, and lakes.

  • When you get to Gangtok, check into your accommodation.

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What to Pack for Tholung Trek

Tholung Trek

Documents - To enter important locations, you must carry all of your necessary documentation. Bring your identity card and any other necessary forms of identification, such as your passport, Adhar card, voter ID, driver's license, and others.

Clothes - You must pack clothes suitable for the weather. Cotton tees should be avoided in favor of Quick Dry tees, bandanas, scarves, or hats; a thick coating (Pullover, sweater or jacket) must be carried in case it gets cold at night. Walking boots or hiking boots is a must for the hilly terrain.

Consumables - Be sure to carry some food and packaged water for an easy trip. You need water (Minimum three liters), Salt plus lemon juice or electrolyte powder etc. First aid kit- Make sure to carry your first aid kit in case of emergencies. Your first aid kit must include scissors, cotton rolls, and crepe bandages, Micropore tape, 1 inch wide and constructed of paper or fabric.

Medicines - Medicines are a must for any trekking trip that lasts more than 2 days. The best medicines that you can carry are Avomine motion sickness medication, Digene or Gelusil for acid reflux, Crocin for mild pain treatment, and regular and waterproof bandages. Other important medicines include Savlon or Dettol for antiseptic liquid, and Cipladine or Savlon for antiseptic powder.

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Know Before You Go to Tholung Trek

How to Reach
Important Tips for trekkers

By air: Arrive at the Bhadrapur Airport, or Bagdogra Airport then drive to Gangtok to Bagdogra (1600m).

By road: One must take the route up to Linzey in order to get to Tolung. It takes around five hours to trek the 20 kilometers from Linzey to Tolung along the raging Tolung River through lush forests and cardamom fields.

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Are there horses available for offloading at Tholung trek?

Only in the summertime, when the Tholung monastery is open, are horses accessible. You may take horses only till Tholung monastery, from there you must continue your trek.

Where is Tholung located?

The Tholung Valley Trek to Kishong Lake in North Sikkim's Dzongu Region goes to the historic Tholung Monastery and the revered Kishong Lake (4500m). The Tholung Valley Kishong Lake walk, which has an elevation range of 7000 feet to 14,800 feet above mean sea level, is rated as a Moderate to Strenuous trek and can be finished in five days by the typical hiker.

How difficult is the Tholung trek?

The North Sikkim Tholung Monastery Trek is an easy or a simple hike, but it's well worth it for the stunning scenery you'll see.

What is the best time to do Tholung trek?

The best time to go on the Tholung Valley Trek in North Sikkim is from March to April. The Kamsil Festival is held here on the grounds of the Tholung Monastery, not only for the breathtaking vistas, but also for the vibrant rhododendrons and wildflowers that bloom here in the spring.

The Himalayas and natural beauty are a blessing for Sikkim. Thus, from October to December is an excellent time to go here to take in the breathtaking vistas as well as the opportunity to hike and interact with the ethnic communities of North Sikkim.

What is the highest altitude reached during Tholung trek?

Tolung Monastery, located at an elevation of 8,000 feet, is located in the sparsely inhabited Dzongu district of North Sikkim. This falls within the restricted area for which Indian Nationals require an inner line permission. One must take the route up to Linzey in order to get to Tholung. A daily bus service runs from Gangtok to a location just outside of Linzey. It takes around five hours to trek the 20 kilometers from Linzey to Tolung along the raging Tolung River through lush forests and cardamom fields.