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About Treks in March

The Himalayas is a mountain range which covers almost 2400 km, and is popular for its interesting topography and biodiversity. As the name ‘Himalayas’ means ‘abode of snow’, the mountain is indeed a thing of heavenly beauty and power. All the steep ascents, slopes, elevations and free descents, makes Himalayan trekking the toughest among the mountain treks across the world. Treks in March are generally advised, and have a moderate climate because of the ending of winter and beginning of summer. The top Manali treks in March include high altitude treks like Dev Tibba, Hampta pass trek, and Beas Kund trek. The Brahmatal trek, Har ki Dun trek, Kedarkantha trek are the most known treks in Uttarakhand. Rupin Pass trek and Hampta Pass trek are the top-rated treks among Himachal treks in March.

Chopta-Chandrashila trek, Bedni Bugyal trek, Nag Tibba trek, Roopkund trek and Sandakphu trek are the other best treks in India in March in the Himalayas. As Himalayan trekking is difficult, physical fitness and willingness of mind is really important. A preparation of walking practices, breathing exercises, leg strengthening training are required at least for 6 months before your hike to ensure safety. The breathtaking grandeur of the mountain ranges that have appeared after overcoming the hardships of trekking will undoubtedly alleviate the exhaustion

Popular Treks to Do in March

March is the welcoming month of Spring season and hence the atmosphere will be pleasant enough to enjoy an energetic and fun-filled trek. The Himalayan treks in March can be the best thing to experience because the major trekking highlights like Brahmatal, Kedarkantha winter trek, Har ki Dun, Chandrashila, Nag Tibba and Sandakphu will be active by March. The snow-stricken roads will be gradually shifting to stiff ones and the snowy mountains will be gleaming in the sunlight in March, which will make the journey an exciting one for sure.

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chopta chandrashila trek
Chopta-Chandrashila Trek

This is one of the most famous treks in Uttarakhand in March and is a moderate level trek of 30 kms which takes an average of 6 days to complete. Along with a view of a beautiful section of the Himalayas, the western and eastern parts of Uttarakhand with fully-bloomed rhododendron trees are the major highlights of this trek. This is the best option for the beginners with an altitude of, 12100 ft (3.69 km).

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sandakphu trek
Sandakphu Trek

This is an easy to moderate trek in the West Bengal region with a distance of 47 kms and, 11941ft (3.64 km) altitude, which will take 6 days. The stunning views of Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu and the great Mount Everest makes this one of the best treks in March. The priceless beauty of the Kanchenjunga and the Kalipokhri or the ‘Black Lake’ glowing in sunlight are indeed the highlights of this trek.

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brahmatal trek
Brahmatal Trek

This is a 6-day-long trek with an altitude of 12100 ft (3.69 km) with a distance of 30 kms and is known as the top most among the treks in March. The mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi peak, Mount Kamet and Mount Trishul are the famous attractions of this trek. The lakeside camping experience between two mountain lakes, Brahmatal and Bekal lal makes this hit the top among the treks in Uttarakhand in March

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Bedni Bugyal Trek
Bedni Bugyal Trek

This is quite an easy trek with 31 km distance with an altitude of, 11350ft (3.46 km) altitude through the Uttarakhand region. The eye-soothing views of two adjacent alpine meadows, Ali and Bedni Bugyal are the top attractions of this 6-day long trek. This region with green-fields and dense forests surrounded by giant peaks with a magical change of seasons will be a wonderful experience among the treks in Uttarakhand in March.

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kedarkantha trek
Kedarkantha Trek

This is a trek in the Uttarakhand region which is a moderately difficult one, with an altitude of 12500 ft (3.81 km). The 6- day long, 20 KMS trek will take you to the 360- degree amazing views of peaks like Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kala Nag, Swargarohini, Dhauladhar and Bandarpunch mountain ranges along with the glacial mountain lakes. The picturesque view of the mountains makes this one of the beautiful treks in March.

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Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Pangarchulla Peak

This is an adrenaline rushing trek with an altitude of, 15100ft (4.6 km) with a distance of 44 kms and will take 7 days. Starting from Rishikesh, you can have a spectacular view of Garhwal ranges and can witness the three Prayags namely Devprayag, Rudraprayag to Karnaprayag where the mighty Alaknanda river meets the other rivers. Pangarchulla peak is in the Joshimath region of Uttarakhand and is one of the best treks in March.

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har ki dun trek in winters
Har ki Dun Trek

This is a trek in the Uttarakhand region with a moderate to difficult level, with a distance of 47 km. Har Ki Dun or ‘the valley of Gods’ is blessed with lush green meadows, pine trees, silver glaciers and some rugged terrains, which makes it one of the best treks in India in March. The presence of the majestic Swargarohini peak is the highlight of this 7 -day long trek.

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nag tibba trek
Nag Tibba Trek

This is a 16 kms long easy trek with an altitude of, 9900 ft (3.02 km) in the Uttarakhand region. Nag Tibba or the ‘Serpent’s Peak’ near Mussoorie, from where you can have a panoramic view of Banderpooch ranges, which makes it one of the best treks in March. The journey through forests with enchanting views of the snowy mountains topped by the azure sky will be a refreshing sight during the 5-day trek.

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Laka Glacier Trek
Laka Glacier Trek

This is considered as one of the great choices among the Himachal treks in March. Laka Glacier is a region located in the Kangra valley of Himachal and is known for its easy trekking experience. A 13 kms long journey will take you to the snow -capped mountains and glacier with an altitude of, 10600 ft (3.23 km). The 3-day journey through the forests covered with lush green trees will be a different experience.

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Dzongri trek
Dzongri Trek

Dzongri trek is through the Sikkim region of the Himalayas, which will take almost 7 days. This 50 km long journey is the best for people who want to explore more within a short duration. The spectacular beauty of the Sikkim Himalayas as seen through the Dzongri La viewpoint on the top, along with the views of other important mountain ranges like Mount Kabru and Mount Rathong are the major highlights.

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goecha la trek
Goecha La Trek

This is a moderately difficult trek with an altitude of, 15100ft (4.6 km) with a duration of 11 days. This is one of the oldest trekking routes to the Himalayas which will offer a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga ranges along with a samiti lake surrounded by colorful rhododendron trees. The trek is 90 kms long and is considered as a bit tiresome, but is also one of the best treks in India in March.

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kuari pass trek
Kuari Pass Trek

This is a 6-day-long trek in the Uttarakhand region of the Himalayas with a moderate level of difficulty. The 33 kms journey will take you to the top where you will see the major peaks like Trishul, Kamet, Chaukhamba and a glimpse of the divine Nanda Devi ranges along with several other peaks like Neelkanth and Changbang. An altitude of, 12750ft (3.89 km) makes this one of the most interesting treks in March.

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Prashar lake trek
Prashar Lake Trek

This is one of the shortest treks among the treks in March as the journey is only 16 kms long and takes only 2 days. It is quite an easy trek with an altitude of 8960 ft (2.73 km), which will take you to the soothing Prashar Lake surrounded by the stunning Dhauladhar ranges. This is one of the great choices among Himachal treks in March, as the journey is blessed with tranquil visuals.

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kareri lake trek
Kareri Lake Trek

This is a trek through the Himachal region of the Himalayas which will take around 3-days to complete. Being an easy to moderate trek, this will cover 26 km distance with an altitude of 9650 ft (2.94 km). The trek will take you to the Kareri Fresh water lake in the midst of refreshing greenery. This short journey will be blessed with pretty views of the alpine pasturelands and the Himalayan flora and fauna.

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trek to roopkund lake
Roopkund Lake

This is a beautiful trek among the treks in March and is often considered as a difficult one. Roopkund lake is at a distance of 53 km with an altitude of 15700 ft (4.79 km) and will take around 8 days journey through the Uttarakhand region. ‘The Skeleton Lake’ surrounded by meadows and dense forests and the glimpses of mountains like Mount Kedarnath, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti are the major highlights of the trek.

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Why March is the Best Time for Trekking?

Beginning of Spring
Snow Covered Mountains

The treks in March are less strenuous because of the fresh air of spring. The beginning of Spring season makes March a best suitable month for trekking. The first two weeks of March will be bidding bye to snowy and pale winter and will be getting ready to welcome the warm upcoming season. The last two weeks will be ready to greet the delightful spring and warm weather. The climate will be not so hot, but mildly warm, and the sky will be bright enough in March, which makes the weather favourable for trekking . The arrival of spring, which brings flowers and birds, will add colour to major treks, such as Manali treks in March. The rhododendron trees and flowers in full bloom make the trekking experience even more enchanting in spring.

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FAQ's About Treks in March

Which trek in the Himalayas is best to do in March?

The Brahmatal, Kedarkantha, Har ki Dun and Sandakphu treks are considered as the best treks in March. The Manali treks in March like Lamadugh, Beas Kund, Jogini waterfall treks and the Himachal treks in March like Prashar lake trek and Triund trek are also the best treks in India in March.

Is March good for trekking in Nepal?

Yes, March is one of the best times for trekking in Nepal. As it is the beginning of spring and the end of winter, the nature in Nepal will be blessed with immense beauty and charm. Also, the climate would be warm, and the temperature would be comfortable enough for trekking.

Can Chadar trek be done in March?

Yes, Chadar trek can be done in March if you wish and if you are a beginner, then March would be the best choice. But, the ideal time is between January and February because of the beauty of the frozen Zanskar lake during the time and also for an adventurous experience.

Which treks in Uttarakhand are best to do in March?

The best treks in March in Uttarakhand include the Nag Tibba trek, Brahmatal trek Har Ki Dun trek, Kedarkantha trek, Roopkund lake trek and Chopta-Chandrashila trek. There are other attractions like Bagini glacier trek, Pangarchulla trek, Kuari pass trek, and Rupin pass trek as well.

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