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With the presence of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga, treks in Nepal are a dreamland for many trekkers. Nepal hosts some of the most challenging treks in the world that lets you cross the rugged terrain of the country through the Himalayas. The trekking experience of Ladakh is a perfect blend of green scenic valleys to cold barren landscapes amidst the mountains. There are dense forests of green rhododendrons covering the trail. Most of the best treks in Nepal are challenging in nature as it rewards you with breathtaking views of some of the tallest peaks in the world. You can take treks like Annapurna Circuit Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek, Three Passes Trek, Himchuli Trek, Khopra Ridge Trek, and many other treks. One of the most famous and expensive treks in the world, Mount Everest Trek is done in Nepal. The trek that involves reaching the summit of Everest requires months of preparation and training. There is a lighter version of this trek known as Everest Base Camp Trek that lets you witness the closest views of the highest mountain in the world. Another enchanting trek is the Khopra Ridge Trek which takes you to a narrow ridge and an alpine lake to witness 22 massive Himalayan peaks.

Top Treks in Nepal

The trekking experiences in Nepal take you through some of the most popular Himalayan peaks like Mount Everest, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Annapurna, Mount Machhapuchhre, and many more. These treks range from 1-2 days to a whopping number of 22-25 day treks. Each trek lets you witness the high-altitude beauty of Nepal through its ever-changing typography of rugged terrain, green meadows, snow-covered fields, dense forests, and hamlets. If you are a beginner trying to enjoy treks in Nepal, you can think of some easy treks like Balthali Village, and Pikey Peak. Ghorepani Poon Hill, etc. But if you seek thrill and adventure, difficult treks like Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Island Peak Trek, Khopra Ridge Trek, and many more are there for you. The moderate-level Upper Mustang Trek is one of the most unique treks that take you through the cold barren landscapes of the Himalayas, known as “Mountain Deserts”.

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trek to everest base camp
Everest Base Camp Trek

One of the most desirable treks in the world, the Everest Base Camp Trek takes you to a whopping height of 18,300 ft. The trek follows a moderate to challenging trail to witness the mesmerism of the closest views of Mount Everest standing proudly at 29,030 ft! The trek makes you walk some of the greenest forests of the Himalayas following the flourishing rivers to stand at Kala Pathar for gazing at Mount Everest.

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Annapurna base camp trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The moderate-level trek of Annapurna Base Camp takes you to a height of 13,550 ft. It is one of the best treks in Nepal that is breathtakingly beautiful to follow a moderate trail. You can think of taking this trek around spring to find the greenest meadows. The end of the trek lets you witness the 10th highest mountain of Annapurna from the closest.

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Mardi Himal Trek
Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is among short treks in Nepal that starts from Pokhara to let you witness the scenic beauty of the Himalayas at 11,646 ft above the ground. The 5-day short trek takes you to Mardi Himal which rests beneath the popular fishtail mountain Mt. Machapuchhre in the Annapurna Conservation Area.

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Poon Hill Trek
Poon Hill Trek

Annapurna Poon Hill Trek starts from Pokhara through an easy to moderate-level trail. Suitable for beginner treks, the trail takes you to Ghorepani at the height of 10,531 ft. Most of the trail follows an easy path with a point of steep climb in the 5 days trek in Himalaya that lets you witness the stunning views of the mighty Himalayas.

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Langtang Trek
Langtang Trek

Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek is one of the highest treks in Nepal that takes you above 16,000 ft+ height. The long trek starts from Kathmandu and follows a moderate trail that passes through bamboo and green rhododendron forests with the sounds of enchanting waterfalls. The end of the trek presents you with scenic views of snow-capped mountains and high passes.

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manaslu trek
Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most popular teahouse treks in the world. The trail starts to take you through the ever-changing typography of the dense Bamboo forests. The moderate-level trek lets you cross the rugged terrain that bears many teahouses for you to sit and enjoy a hot beverage. You can witness the top views of Larkya La Pass and check out the Sama Village below the famous Tibetan Pass.

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Khopra Ridge Trek
Khopra Ridge Trek

Khopra Ridge Trek is one of those top treks in Nepal that present you with the panoramic views of 22 mighty Himalayas. The popular mountain views include Mt Annapurna South, Mt Annapurna Fang, Mt Annapurna I, Mt Nilgiri North, Mt Tukuche, Mt Nilgiri South, the Dhaulagiri Range, etc. The 9-day trek takes you through dense forests of Rhododendrons to reach the narrow Khopra Ridge at 12,795 ft, followed by the holy Khayar Lake at 15,836 ft.

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Upper Mustang Trek
Upper Mustang Trek

Known as one of the perfect Autumn Treks in Nepal, the Upper Mustang Trek is famously known as Nepal’s “Mini Trek”. The trail follows the path of Lo Manthang and you get to know about the traditional Nepalese mountain culture by visiting a Buddhist monastery on your way. But most of the trail follows Barren cold desert-like landscapes and treeless terrain. This is referred to as the “Mountain Desert” of the Himalayas. The captivating views of Mount Annapurna, Mount Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri Range are visible through the trek.

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Tilicho Lake Trek
Tilicho lake Trek

Tilicho Lake Trek is all about catching the breathtaking sight of one of the highest lakes in the world-the lake Tilicho. The 12-day trek takes you to a height of 16,138 ft high above the ground. The trail lets you explore some of the traditional Nepalese villages like Manang, and Khangsar, and you can visit one of the highest-elevated Buddhist Monasteries. The beautiful 200-meter deep lake rests gracefully spreading across 1.2 km between the Himalayas.

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Can I trek alone in Nepal?

Although you can trek in Nepal alone, it is not advisable as Nepal encompasses the mightiest Himalayas that one needs to be careful of. A suitable trekking group with an experienced trekking leader is a great choice for first-time trekkers going on top treks in Nepal for proper exploration, and safety.

How to prepare for a trek in Nepal?

  • Start preparing yourself mentally and physically 3-6 months before the trek. Reduce your stress levels by meditating and walking.

  • Start preparing for living in basic living conditions.

  • Start taking a healthy diet months before the trek.

  • Train yourself before the trek with strength training and aerobatic training.

  • You should be able to walk for 10-20 km per day in case of long treks, 5-6 km for 5 days trek in Nepal.

  • Practice the technique of acclimatization.

  • Carry water purification tablets for accessing clean water during the trek.

  • Prepare for rapid changes in weather.

  • Carry an adequate amount of necessities and winter wear.

  • Try to beat Acute Mountain sickness.

  • Try connecting with your Sherpa by indulging in fun conversations.

Is January the best time to trek in Nepal?

January is an appropriate time for you to experience a winter trek in Nepal. The blanket of snow covers the entire trail for you to make your trek one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal but strenuous. But you should check if all the trails are open or not as snow fields sometimes cover the entire trail. Hence, January is the best time for taking low-altitude and short trekking trails in Nepal.

Which is the best trek in Nepal?

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is the best and most desirable Trek in Nepal. The trek is considered to be an easier version of the Mount Everest Trek as it presents you with the closest views of Mount Everest from Kala Pathar.

How hard is trekking in Nepal?

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is one of the longest trekking trails in Nepal that lets you witness unexplored regions. The 22-25 day trek makes you cover almost 150+ km to reach an altitude of more than 5000 meters.

What are the most accessible short trek routes in Nepal?

Some of the most accessible short trek routes are Balthali Village and Pikey Peak. Ghorepani Poon Hill, etc.

What things to consider while planning short treks in Nepal?

Plan contingency days for trekking in Nepal

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in Nepal, it is advised to take two or three days contingent, while planning a short trek, specially in regions such as Lukla, Jomson, Tapejung and Pokahara.

Local Guides and Porters

With a professional guide accompanying you over a short trek, you can indulge in learning about the culture of Nepal. Moreover, porters could help you carry the extra luggage, while you enjoy trekking on the well-marked trail.

Which is the longest trek in Nepal?

There are a wide range of most beautiful treks in Nepal that offer experiences for beginners to advanced levels. The trails are either moderate to trek through or difficult enough for experienced trekkers. Due to the presence of the World’s tallest Mount Everest and several other peaks, trekking in Nepal attracts international enthusiasts.