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About Treks in November

Set out on treks in November as it is the month when India bids farewell to autumn and welcomes the winter season. The skies are crystal blue, providing great vistas of faraway peaks, and the woodlands are still shrouded in golden-orange fall tones. If you're searching for one of the best treks in Uttarakhand in November that's suitable for the whole family, look no further than Nag Tibba; it boasts breathtaking panoramas of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Sankri and Kuari Pass trek is your best bet if you're looking for one of the best Himalayan treks in November that is exciting and suitable for beginners. This is because the trail passes through some truly picturesque landscapes, including woods and lush fields. Besides Uttrakhand, the November treks in Himachal are an absolute delight for the senses; because the green color on the trees gradually fade to a natural palette of browns and oranges.

Popular Treks to Do in November

Trekking in November will be truly an amazing experience, not only because of the thrill it will provide, but also because of the breathtaking beauty of the mountain ranges you are going to see. Some of the best Himalayan treks to try in November are Dayara Bugyal Trek, Triund Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, Kedarkantha Trek, Dzongri Trek, Nag Tibba Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Chopta- Tungnath Trek, Har ki Dun Tek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

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Everest Base Camp Trek Package
Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp trek is one of the treks to do in November which is perfect for those who want to experience all the thrills and spills of a real adventure. Mark your footprint at the Kala Patthar and witness the closest panoramic views of Mt. Everest on this moderate-level trek. Besides the fantastic look of enormous mountains, you will get to see rugged hills, vibrant valleys, and stunning glaciers.

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tungnath trek
Chopta- Tungnath Trek

In the Garhwal Himalayas, Chopta and Tungnath offer some of the best opportunities for peaceful weekend hikes. This is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand in November, with its high altitude (over 13,000 feet), mists, coniferous trees and snow. You will have a gala time traversing snowy paths through thick forests full of exotic flora and fauna that give it the name of "Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand."

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har ki dun trek in winters
Har ki Dun Trek

One of the best Uttarakhand treks in November is the Har Ki Dun trek, which is renowned for its stunning scenery. In addition to seeing beautiful golden deodar trees, you'll learn about the customs and way of life in remote Himalayan communities during your trek. There are a lot of Langoor homes in the Puani Garaat area, so you should be able to see some wildlife including Black bears, Barasingha, and wild boars.

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Annapurna base camp trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek

If you're looking for one of the well-rounded treks to do in November with great panoramic mountain views, consider the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. During the trek, you come across Nepal's diverse wildlife and rich culture besides seeing gorgeous marigolds and other wildflowers that bloom in the area. On this moderate level trek, enjoy breathtaking views of peaks like Machhapuchhre, Annapurna South, Annapurna I, Hiunchuli, and more.

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Kanchenjunga Base camp Trek
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

There are many incredible treks to do in November, among which the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek stands out as it leads them along trails that are both challenging and rewarding. Being one of the difficult treks in November, it provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains; namely the Frey Peak, and Koktang Peak. Along the trail, you will also pass by numerous valleys, lakes, and the forest, which is home to a wide range of animal and plant life.

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kuari pass trek
Kuari Pass Trek

One of the best Himalayan treks in November to go for is the Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand as even novice trekkers can complete it. It takes place in the shadow of some of India's most recognisable peaks; like Nanda Devi, Kamet, and Dronagiri. During this trek in November, you’ll feel there is a chill in the air that signals the arrival of winter but the landscape and views are as invigorating and fascinating as ever.

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sandakphu trek
Sandakphu Trek

With the Everest peaks to your left and Kanchenjunga to your right, Sandakphu is one of the best treks in November as an abundance of migratory birds can be seen on the trail at this time of year. The absence of haze allows for a breathtaking panorama of mountain ranges in the background. This journey is culturally unique because it is constantly moving along the border between India and Nepal.

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brahmatal trek
Brahmatal Trek

The Brahmatal is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand in November for all adventure souls as it begins at an elevation of 3,050 meters (10,440 feet). During this trek you hike through fir, spruce, and rhododendron groves on the way to Brahmatal. Throughout the trek, you'll be accompanied by the spectacular peaks of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. Besides, you will also enjoy the breathtaking sunset and sunrise at the Tilandi campsite.

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Dayara bugyal trek
Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek’s trailhead is located in the quaint village of Raithal, in the Uttarkashi region and is even suitable for novices due to its gradual ascent, making it one of the best Himalayan treks in November. You traverse a beautiful valley with sparkling streams, expansive grasslands, and meadows. While it may not see snow in November, you will find the grass turned into brilliant yellow, and the Maple trees' into an intense red.

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Triund Trek
Triund Trek

Triund is one of the easier November treks in Himachal as the distance is only 9 km; and you can get to the summit in 3–4 hours. Because of the sunshine during this time of year, the roads are dry and clear, and you won't have to pause at unscheduled stops. If the weather cooperates, you can see the snowy peaks of the Dhauladhar range and the renowned Dharamshala Cricket Ground from the trail.

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Prashar lake trek
Prashar Lake Trek

The Dhauladhar Mountains in Kullu Valley are home to a beautiful blue lake known as Prashar. As one of the best November treks in Himachal, it takes you along a picturesque path through the woods and across a number of streams. The trail also passes through a number of quaint local villages, providing ample opportunities to experience the area's rich cultural heritage. The trek provides a panoramic panorama of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountains.

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kedarkantha trek
Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek is one of the best Himalayan treks in November that can be done by beginners as well. The ascent is difficult and starts in Sankri to reach up to an elevation of 12,500 feet by way of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. Along the way, you could see views of majestic Himalayas including Mount Swargarohini and Mount Bandarpoonch, besides coming across a number of streams supplying fresh water.

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Dzongri trek
Dzongri Trek

The Yuksom to Dzongri La trek is a challenging journey with stunning views of more than 16 peaks from the summit of Dzongri. You’ll make the ascent to an elevation of 4,170 meters and be rewarded with stunning panoramas of Kanchenjunga and the Oklathang Valley. Awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas await you on the hike from Dzongri to Dzongri La, which is the same path that leads to HMI base camp.

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nag tibba trek
Nag Tibba Trek

When it comes to the best treks in November, one of the highest peaks in the lower Garhwal range—Nag Tibba—is an ideal option. Even though the trek is relatively short and can be done by beginners too, the beautiful path is easily identifiable by the breathtaking dense pine forests, and ankle-deep snow. On a clear day, you can see as far as the peaks of Kedarnath, Gangotri, Chanabang, and Bandarpunch from the summit.

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churdhar trek
Churdhar Trek

The Churdhar Trek is one of the most paradisiacal best treks in November as the summit is encircled by a forest sanctuary. This moderate-level trek is a strenuous ascent through a Gujjar pasture, a Deodar forest, and a series of terraced fields. When you leave the trees behind, you'll be walking on a moraine for the final hour of your hike. The Badrinath, the Ganges basin, Kedarnath and the Sutlej River are all visible on a clear day.

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Why November is Best Time for Trekking?

clear sky.jpg
Crystal Clear Skies

During November, a lovely radiance is cast by the sun's rays on a clear day which cut intricate patterns into maple leaves and cast a warm glow on their edges. Some of the best treks in November which one can try include Tapovan, where you can take in a 270-degree mountain view; the Phulara Ridge Walk, and Sandakphu.

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trekking in autumn
The colors of Autumn

In the autumn the skies are crystal blue, providing great vistas of faraway peaks, and the woodlands are still shrouded in golden-orange fall tones. Yellow and red leaves abound in the woods, giving them a vibrant, colorful appearance, primarily at sunset. Har Ki Dun, Buran, and Rupin valleys are some of the best treks in November due to their vibrant colors.

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snow trekking in january
Lower Crowds

Due to the fact that autumn is not a typical hiking season, many of the country's trails are usually quite empty during this time. Even on the most traveled best treks in November, you may have the campground to yourself.

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FAQ's About Treks in November

Which are the best treks to do in November in the Himalayas?

The best treks in November in the Himalayas include the Har ki Dun trek, geared toward photographers, thrill seekers, and nature lovers. The Kedrakantha trek is another great option as it allows visitors a rare glimpse of the region's flora and fauna.

Which himalayan trek has snow in November?

The himalayan trek in which you might come across snow is the Kedarkantha, which is also one of the thrilling treks in November. One highlight of the trek is that you will enjoy the sight of fresh snow covering the landscape's pristine beauty and open spaces.

What should I carry for trekking in November in the Indian Himalayas?

For the treks in November in the Indian Himalayas you must carry thermos, personal medical kit, and waterproof jacket and gloves. The other things you must carry are insulated, waterproof hiking boots, and a heavy-duty sleeping bag.

Which Treks in Himachal are best to do in November?

Some of the best November treks in Himachal include the Prashar Lake trek which treats you with stellar views of snow-capped mountains. You also shouldnt miss the Hampta Pass trek as you get to cross the Hampta pass which makes for a great adventure story.

Which Treks in Uttarakhand are best to do in November?

The best Uttarakhand treks in November include the Har Ki doon trek that lets you savor views of the towering peaks of Bandarpoonch,Swargarohini, Kala Nag. The Chopta-Tungnath is one of the other treks in November which lets you pass through trails filled with deodars and rhododendrons.

Which Treks in Nepal are best to do in November?

The best Nepal treks in November include the Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp trek. The trek to Everest Base Camp takes you through stunning mountain scenery, picturesque villages, and dozens of suspension bridges. The Annapurna Base Camp hike, on the other hand, takes you past dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and a number of charming settlements.