About Treks Near Manali

There are magnificent treks in India that provide a once in a lifetime experience to climb to the top of the Himalayan ranges and several other mountain peaks in Sikkim, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. No matter whether you are a seasoned explorer or a new adventurer, each of the trekking expeditions will welcome you with its best features. Ranging from easy to difficult, every Indian trekking journey goes through the beautiful dense forests, colorful meadows, pristine rivers, grasslands, and the background views of the lofty mountain peaks.

Some of the renowned trekking places in India are Kheerganga trek, Triund Trek, Sar Pass trek, and much more. You can indulge in the Churdhar trek or Prashar Lake trek if you are looking for a weekend getaway to the Himalayan ranges. On the contrary, if you are looking forward to feeling that adrenaline rush through your veins, you can opt for the Hampta Pass trek, Bhrigu Lake trek. Therefore, every trail on the Indian treks offers a blend of religious delights, man made structures, and cultural experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

Short Treks to do Near Manali

A short trek across Manali's towering Himalayas is an excellent way to explore the picturesque hill town. The paths on these excursions are largely easy, but some are slightly moderate. These short treks in Manali start usually on weekends and range from a one-day trek to a 2-3 day trek. Mostly, the shorter experience makes the best treks in Manali for entry-level trekkers who want to explore the scenic tales of Manali. The excursions are planned with the goal of avoiding significant height rises in a single day. As a result, these hikes allow you to reach a minimum elevation of 6000-7000 feet, with the base camp tucked right below the summits. You can take short treks like Lamadugh trek, Bhrigu lake trek, Kheerganga trek, Bijli Mahadev trek, Prashar trek, etc. The most beautiful thing about these treks is that they revolve around the greenest meadows, and Alpine Lakes, holding scientific and religious significance.

kheerganga trek
Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek is a one-of-a-kind Manali trek that takes you through pine and oak woodlands. The trail includes falls, hamlets, and the greenest meadows. The three-day short trek begins in Kasol and takes you to the mesmerizing Parvati Kund and the hot springs at a height of 9600 ft+. The path of the trek is filled with lip-smacking dhabas and hippo culture.

prashar lake trek in winters
Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake Trek is all about discovering the best of the Dhauladhar Mountains. On the banks of the lovely river, you can see the Pagoda-style Prashar Rishi Temple. The Pir Panjal and Kinnaur Mountain Ranges can be seen from 8,956 feet near the lake. The two-day trekking in Manali of Prashar Lake begins at Jwalapur Village and winds through lush flora, flowing rivers, and waterfalls.

Long Treks to do Near Manali

Long treks in Manali allow you to learn about every terrain and high-altitude forest route you come across while admiring the grandeur of the majestic Mountains. Long treks range from 5 to 10-15 days in length for the finest experience and exploration. There are many long trekking experiences in Manali like Sar Pass trek, Bara Bhangal trek, Hampta pass trek, Deo Tibba base camp trek, Bhrigu Lake trek, Chanderkhani pass trek, Beas Kund trek, etc. These treks' maps have been designed in such a way that they are best suitable for both novice and expert-level hikers. These treks, however, are suitable for newcomers with extraordinary fitness levels, enthusiasm, and prior training. The routes begin easy and gradually get more difficult, with steep climbs and dense woodlands. Out of these long treks near Manali, you can choose either to witness snow during the winter on the hikes like the Manali snow trek or take the summer treks like Deo Tibba Trek, and Bara Bhangal Trek.

Beas kund Trek
Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund trekking in Manali takes you through the Kullu Valley, the deep forests of pine and oak tree woods, and the greenest meadows to the holy lake. Once you reach Beas Kund at 12,772 ft the beauty of the Lake nestled between Pir Panjal Range amazes you through its enchanting looks. You understand that Emerald Lake is the origin of the Beas River and several other streams.

bhrigu lake trek
Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu trek, located at an elevation of 14,100 feet, takes you through beautiful meadows to the splendor of the oval-shaped Bhrigu Alpine Lake. It is one of the most fascinating hiking routes in Manali, taking you through the most beautiful grasslands to Roli Kholi over a distance of 25 kilometers. The magnificence of the snow-capped Seven Sister Peaks, Mount Hanuman Tibba, Mount Deo Tibba, and the Pir Panjal Range is visible when you reach the top.

hampta pass trek
Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is ideal for trekking in Manali in May as it is one of the most popular summer treks. Starting from Manali Base Camp, the 5-day Hampta Pass trek takes you to a staggering 14,100 ft in four nights and five days. The Hampta Pass Trek is appropriate for intermediate-level hikers due to the 28 km trekking trip. The trail winds through chilly desert landscapes, lush meadows, brilliant wildflowers, deep pine forests, and tranquil valleys. The walk allows you to see the grandeur of Chandratal's emerald lake and the convergence of three passes: Hampta Pass, Rohtang Pass, and Spiti Valley.

pin parvati pass trek
Pin Parvati Trek

The Pin Parvati Trek takes you through the greenest forests over a period of ten days and nine nights. You reach the point 17,457 feet above the ground on one of the most difficult and rewarding treks in Manali. The 110-kilometer journey takes you past tall Birch trees, glacier peaks, blooming wildflowers, and lovely lakes. The best part of the hike is putting your feet in the hot spirits at the top and bringing home the Brahmkamal and Losar Flowers.

chanderkhani pass trek
Chanderkhani Trek

Chanderkhani Pass takes you through lush greenery and dense coniferous forests with striking visuals of the Himalayas from the top. Starting from Rumsu, the Chanderkhani Pass lets you cross the enthralling overgrowth of Pines, Birches, Cherries, Oaks, and Deodars. Once you reach the summit at 11,811 ft above the ground, the charm of Parvati Malana, Lahaul, and Kullu Valley is visible with delight.

bara bhangal trek
Bara Bhangal Trek

Bara Bhangal is one of the most difficult trails for trekking in Manali in May as you explore the challenging trails of the summer hike. The route lets you witness the beauty of Bara Shigri Glacier, Kalihani Pass, and Thamsar Pass. The trail starts from Lama Dough, and makes you cross Kalihani Base Pass, Devi ki Marhi, Dal Marhi, and Bara Bhangal Marhi at 12,565 ft, and leads you back through Rajgundha.

deo tibba base camp trek
Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Deo Tibba Trek in Manali is a tough trek that makes you cover a 75 km trekking distance to reach the peak of Deo Tibba Base Camp 13,684 ft above the ground. You can witness the stunning Chota Chandratal lake at 14,698 ft. You can start the trek from the ancient Jogidugh Village. The trekking trail passes through green meadows, silver birch, and junipers with views of snow-covered peaks.

sar pass trek
Sar Pass Trek

The exciting Sar Pass Hike is one of the best treks in manali, located 13,800 feet above sea level, traverses through some of the greatest meadows and lush woods of pine and rhododendrons. The Sar Pass Trek is named after the frozen Alpine lake "Sar," which is located between Tila Lotni and Biskeri Ridge. The five-day trip begins in Grahan hamlet and continues via Mung Tach, Rhododendron forests, Nagaru, and Biskeri Thatch. This trek follows a hidden ridge to the Sar Pass Base Camp, popularly known as India's "Mini Israel."

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