weekend treks from delhi

Weekend Treks from Delhi

The complete checklist of best weekend treks to do from Delhi
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About Trekking Places Near Delhi

If you have a 3-day holiday coming soon, then plan weekend treks from Delhi to the Himalayas for a once in a lifetime experience. Trekking is one of the most loved adventure activities among thrill-seekers. Passing through unpredictable terrains, admiring the snow-capped mountains, and exploring the rare fauna and flora species such as Himalayan Bear, Wild Boar, Blue Pines, Primroses and many more, you could do everything on a weekend trek from Delhi.

Whether you are looking for a solo weekend trek from Delhi or moderate weekend treks from Delhi, you will find them all here. Several renowned trekking spots, hamlets, and hill stations are enthralling and exuberant, which lets even naive trekkers have a wholesome experience.

If you are short on time, you can even plan a one-day trekking trip from Delhi to places like Benog Tibba and Triund trek. However, if you want to relax in the lap of nature, plan weekend treks from delhi. The most convenient options are the Roopkund trek, Chopta Chandrashila trek, and Bijli Mahadev trek. Despite trails, these promise a majestic sight of snow-capped mountain peaks and carpeted slopes.

Popular Weekend Treks Near Delhi

The Himalayas are the dream destination of every thrill-seeker and nature admirer. If you live in Delhi or nearby areas, there are several popular treks located a few hours away from the city. It offers tourists a chance to catch a glimpse of the most popular sceneries, vibrant meadows, thick forests, and lush vegetation, guaranteeing a wholesome experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, spend your weekend on these unpredictable trails.

Known for its surroundings and mesmerising views, some popular weekend treks from Delhi are Triund trek, Nag tibba Trek, Dayara Bugyal Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Bijli Mahadev Temple Trek, Kedarkantha Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, Beas Kund Trek and Hatu Peak Trek. These treks are situated at an altitude of 10,000 ft to 15,000 feet from sea level, making them ideal for beginners, moderate trekkers, or even pro-hikers. All you have to do is pack your bags, spend a fun-filled weekend in the valley of Mori or Kuari Pass, and come back with mesmerising memories.

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chandrashila trek
Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is located at a height of 13,000 feet from sea level. Head out on this moderate weekend trek from Delhi which starts from Chandrashila and ends at Tungnath, a popular tourist attraction among trek lovers. On your way, catch a glimpse of Kedar Peak, Nanda Devi, Trisul, Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch peaks. On arriving, soothe your senses with the picture-perfect views of Chopta, famously known as the Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand.

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Beas kund Trek
Beas Kund Trek

Located at an altitude of 12,000 from sea level, Beas Kund Trek is one Himalayas' shortest trek ideas for beginners and moderate trekkers. Traverse through the great Beas river, snow capped mountains, glaciers, water-flowing streams, and a rocky trekking path. To experience nature at its best, explore the grasslands of Dhundi and Bakarthach. From here, you can grasp the views of several prominent mountains in Manali, such as Friendship Ladakhi, Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar. If you’re craving for a holiday, Beas Kund Trek is moderate weekend treks from Delhi.

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bijli mahadev trek
Bijli Mahadev Trek

A 15 km trek located at a height of 8,070 feet from the sea level, Bijli Mahadev Trek starts from the foothills of Kullu and takes you through a famous shrine in Himachal Pradesh, Bijli Mahadev. Explore the natural city vibe while crossing the closely-knit trails of Manali. The best time to do this trek is during the summer season, between March to June. If you want to spend some alone time, go for this solo weekend trek from Delhi.

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trek to kheerganga
Kheerganga Trek

Often called the trekker's paradise, the famous Kheerganga Trek is located amidst the breathtaking Parvati Valley. Perched at an altitude of 9600 feet from sea level, this place is also known as the abode of Lord Shiva. Famously known for its scenic valley and hot water springs, you can unwind in the lap of nature. Here, you are served scrumptious pahadi meals cooked using traditional spices, which gives a taste of all Himachali flavours.

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churdhar peak trek
Churdhar Trek

Located at the highest peak at an altitude of 12,000 feet, outside the Himalayan region, Churdhar peak is often called Churi Chandni, which means bangles of snow mountains. From here, one can catch a view of Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks or snow-clad ranges. At the top, you will eye-witness a mesmerising statue of the Hindu lord Shiva, which promises an enthralling experience. If you're planning a solo weekend trek from Delhi, the Chaurdhar trek is one of the best options.

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Tosh trek
Tosh Trek

Another solo weekend trek from Delhi located amidst mountain ranges and zig-zag trails is the famous Tosh Trek. Ideal for beginner trekkers, it is located at an altitude of 7,850 feet from sea level. While passing through different terrains, do not forget to admire the gurgling Tosh River and lush green valleys, which will leave you bewitched forever.

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nag tibba trek
Nag Tibba Trek

Starting from Dehradun, Uttrakhand, Nag Tibba Trek is another weekend trek from Delhi perched at an altitude of 3,000 metres. It marks the height point in Uttrakhand's lower Himalayan region. The name Nag Tibba Trek came from the word "Nag Devta" or "the lord of snakes". On your journey, you will grasp beautiful sights of flora and fauna, lush green mountains, and dense forests, which will melt your heart.

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Deoban Trek
Deoban Trek

Perched at the height of 9,850 feet from sea level, Deoban Trek is one of the Himalayas' most famous treks, where hikers can eye-witness some of the highest peaks in India without travelling long distances. It is a 2-day trek where you can experience 55 big peaks, including Nanda Devi, Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch and others. The trek begins at a famous tourist destination during the British time called Chakrata.

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Shali Tibba Trek
Shali Tibba Trek

A peaceful location amidst the Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh. The famous Shali Tibba Trek is located at the height of 2,872 metres. The best time to explore Shali Tibba is from March to September. Also known as the heavenly abode for nature and photography lovers, this place will heal you. The total length of the Shali Tibba Trek is only 6 km.

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Prashar lake trek
Prashar Lake Trek

Tucked neatly in the famous Kullu Valley, Prashar Lake Trek is one of the best treks from Delhi, which takes you through the mesmerising Dhauladhar Ranges. The trek is preached at an elevation of 2,730 metres from the sea level. The lake is famously known for its floating island with a pagoda-styled Prashar Rishi temple. With a 180-degree view of the surroundings, including Dhauladhar, Kinnaur mountain ranges and Pir Panjal, this place is no less than a feast for the eyes.

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kareri lake trek
Kareri Lake Trek

Trek through the mesmerising vistas of forests, lakes, grasslands and water streams to reach the freshwater lake in Himachal Pradesh called Kareri Lake. Perched at the height of 2,950 metres from sea level, it is regarded as one of the best weekend treks from Delhi set up amidst greenery and mountain ranges all around. The total travelling distance to reach Kareri lake is 26 km.

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triund trek
Triund Trek

Located in the Himalayas' most picturesque destination, Triund Trek is regarded as one of the easiest and shortest treks in the Himalayan region. Located at the height of 9350 feet, it is ideal if you're planning a solo trek from Delhi. With the mesmerising views of the lush green Kangra valley and snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges, the Triund trek promises spectacular scenery while offering a little taste of adventurous trails and steep mountains.

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Hatu Peak Trek
Hatu Peak Trek

A hidden gem located in the lap of nature, Hatu Peak Trek is a one-day trek from Delhi that is ideal for a small weekend getaway. It is a 7 km long trek which starts at Narkanda. To reach the final summit, you pass through Blue pines, Deodars, Firs and Spruce trees. From the peak at an altitude of 10.826 feet, you can enjoy a mesmerising 360-degree view of the Himalayas.

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Serolsar Lake trek
Serolsar Lake Trek

Nestling at the height of 10,171 feet from sea level, Serolsar Lake Trek is another weekend trek from Delhi surrounded by lush greenery and thick forest cover. The cool climate and the rugged landforms make it a perfect trekking destination, especially for first time trekkers. If you're a nature enthusiast or a thrill-seeker, trekking your way up to the Serolsar Lake to admire the crystal clear shimmering waters lined with oak trees makes a spectacular combination.

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Auli Trek
Auli Trek

A famous winter trek where the landscape is closely knit with oak forests and coniferous. This trek is located above the Joshimath at an altitude of 10,000 feet, which allows you to enjoy the long twisted trails and admire the beautiful meadows of Auli. You can also get involved in a hearty interaction with locals in Auli and try the authentic food. The difficulty level of the trek is considered to be easy.

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FAQs About Weekend Treks from Delhi

Which are the best one day treks near Delhi?

  1. Triund Trek
  2. Chakrata Trek
  3. Benog Tibba Trek
  4. Bijli Mahadev Trek
  5. Serolsar Lake Trek

Are there any waterfall treks near Delhi?

Some of the best weekend treks from Delhi are Patna Falls, Rishikesh, Kempty Falls, Badri Falls, Chadwick Falls, Bhima Falls, Machhrial Falls, Birthi Falls and Rehana Falls. Gushing down from a height of 100 feet or more and surrounded by vibrant greenery all around, these waterfall treks are a must visit.

Which are the best weekend treks from Delhi to Himachal?

The best trekking places near Delhi in Himachal are Hampta Pass Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Kheerganga Trek, Prashar Lake Trek and Beas Kund Trek. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trekker, these weekend treks are short and simple allowing you to unwind yourself. Additionally, these simply offer a breathtaking view from the summit.

Which are the best weekend treks from Delhi to Uttarakhand?

Some of the best trekking options near Delhi in Uttarakhand are Chopta Chandrashila Trek located in the Garhwal region which offers pleasant views of Himalayas, Deoria Tal Trek, located in Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary where you might spot animals eating food and drinking water and other treks such as Nag Tibba Trek and others.

Which are the best weekend treks to do in winter?

The best weekend treks from Delhi in winter is the famous Tungnath trek. Beside this, there are treks like Kuari Pass Trek and Nag Tibba Trek which stand at a height of 12,500 feet and 10,000 feet offering a mesmerising view of surroundings.

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